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I'm a published essayist and emerging poet. I have been writing for years and am looking to build out my published portfolio. I like to write about destiny, belonging, and self-discovery. The sea, the stars, and other astral bodies beyond the earth's boundaries inspire me.


These are the essays and poems that I have published.

"Give me a sign," Fire from the Heart, Three Ocean Press, 2021. Republished in the FOLD programme, 2022. Performed at Word Vancouver


"Fashioning beauty and embodying queerness," f-ace-ing silence, issue 4, 2016

"Examination, 2013," The Varsity, Volume CXXXVI, Issue 11, 2015

"What’s r(ace) and RAD got to do with it? Musings of a transracially adopted asexual," f-ace-ing silence, issue 2, 2015. Republished in Brown and Gray, and LooseLeaf Magazine, Volume 2

"Navigating my identity as a transracially adopted child," MOSAIC Magazine, 2014

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