As a fledegling voice actor, I'm exploring the industry and finding my place in it. My natural speaking voice is mid-range and my natural accent is British (south of England). Send me a message via my contact form if you'd like to work together. 

Below are the voice roles I have performed so far.

Major Roles

An headshot of Cal from The Office Type. They short brown hair, large glasses, brown eyes and brown skin. They are smiling timidly in 3/4 profile.

The Office Type (2021)

A headshot of Whisperer from Don't Wake The Night. She wears a deer mask and has long grey hair with two beaded strands at the front, one on either side of her face.

Don't Wake The Night (2019)

A headshot of Young Armitage Hux from In the Garden of the Sun. He has short ginger hair and red eyes. He is crying in 3/4 profile.

In the Garden of the Sun (2018)

The Office Type (2021)

The Office Type is a dating sim created by Heavy Thought Studios and scheduled for an 2021 Steam release. 

The player takes the role of a lonely office intern whose stationery supplies come to life in the form of 24 dateable characters. With the narrative storytelling of a visual novel and unique puzzle mechanics, the game is a lighthearted office comedy. 

My character, Cal, represents the personality of the player's graphing calculator. Cal is the marketing photographer for her company's advertising campaigns. They are shy, but their curiosity sometimes pulls them out of their comfort zone, often to comedic effect. Cal likes to play new board games and loves cute fish.


Don't Wake The Night (2019)

Don't Wake The Night is a 2D point-and-click game about witches, community, and conflict created by Santo Aveiro-Ojeda and inspired by Paraguayan folklore.


At the start of the story, Whisperer has been gone for over a year and is at the centre of the latest conflict. She is an elusive character who always wears a mask.

Don't Wake The Night was released to rave reviews, with critics praising it for its exploration of morality and its deconstruction of the omniscience expected of many video games. Several critics went on to rank it in the top 10 games of 2019.


In the Garden of the Sun (2018)

In the Garden of the Sun is a Star Wars fan comic by CrimsonBullet, with audio adapted by CrimsonShadow.

The story follows Kylo Ren and General Hux's turbulent co-commandership before the events of The Force Awakens, revealing that they met as children. As their adult selves struggle to co-operate, their secrets come to light and alter the course of their relationship forever.

Young Armitage Hux appears in flashbacks as a prickly, anxious military cadet.


Additional Voices