I'm Sebastian.

My goal is to change the world through stories. 

I'm in my late twenties and I use they/them pronouns. I'm a writer, editor, model, amateur voice actor, TTRPG performer, and all-around creative type. 

Originally from the UK, I moved to Canada in 2012. I did my undergraduate degree in English Literature and French at Trinity College at the University of Toronto. After graduating with high distinction, I completed my Master of Journalism degree at Toronto Metropolitan University. My major research project was the equivalent of a graduate thesis and analyzed the mental health of independent contractors in Toronto.

Though my background is largely in hard news and reporting and I'm an experienced copywriter, I have recently rekindled my love for imaginative storytelling. I'm the author of the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition titles Lake of Secrets and College of Celebrity: A Bard Subclass, which are both available on DMs Guild. I'm also the author of CORPUS, an unofficial supplement for Rowan, Rook and Decard's Heart: The City Beneath. I make my own indie games on itch.io and I've also worked on a number of collaborative tabletop projects as an editor and sensitivity consultant. I've edited two novels for younger audiences, Just Julian by Markus Harwood-Jones, and The Last Moon Witch, by Feyra Silverlock, and I'm an editor for Uncaged: Goddesses, the fifth volume in the Uncaged anthology series.

I started modelling and voice acting in 2017. I voice the Whisperer in the point-and-click game Don't Wake The Night and am the voice of Cal in The Office Type. I have appeared in commercials for brands such as Milky Way and the Toronto Blue Jays. I've walked in seven local fashion shows and I even had a stint with a talent agency in 2018. I also regularly appear in tabletop actual plays that are livestreamed on Twitch.

I've worked in a diverse range of fields, including arts and entertainment, corporate communications, finance, journalism and media, not-for-profit, post-secondary education, social impact, and even a dairy factory in Switzerland once. Currently, I work as a full-time writer for a Canadian game publisher. I also write for my own leisure and am an aspiring poet.

My hobbies include reading, theatregoing, playing TTRPGs, fencing, and travelling. 


My logo

I designed this logo myself in 2021. It features an "S" for Sebastian. The "S" creates a division in the circle that evokes Yin/Yang symbolism in reference to my Chinese heritage. The lower half of the "S" is a bass clef because bards are my favourite D&D class.

Get to know me

Favourite Animal
Favourite Colour
Favourite Drink
Pomegranate juice
Favourite Film
Star Wars (all of them)
Favourite Food

Favourite Novel
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

Favourite Television Show 
Batman: The Animated Series

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