I have been writing and publishing tabletop roleplaying games since July 2020. I have mostly written supplements for D&D 5e, but I have also written for system agnostic projects and a supplement for Heart: The City Beneath. My strong sense of narrative, my compelling exposition and my immersive storytelling style set me apart. I'm also an editor (proofreading, line editing, developmental editing) and sensitivity consultant. 

If you'd like to collaborate with me, send me a message using my contact form.

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These are the games that I am most proud of. For a full list of my publications, click here.

Lake of Secrets


Dungeon Masters Guild, July 2020

Dive into a mystery in Lake of Secrets, a darker magic fantasy compatible with any setting.

When the sovereign of a war-stricken kingdom goes missing, characters must brave the castle dungeons to find them. Death stalks the dungeon walls and dark deeds come to light as the characters uncover the story of a terrible sacrifice.

Designed as a 3-4 hour adventure for 1-6 players of 3rd-5th level, Lake of Secrets is a fresh narrative that explores themes of false promise and isolation, offering characters a choice that will decide the fate of an entire realm.



I am always looking for new TTRPG projects to work on, be they my own or a collaboration with others. See what I have in the works below.

Islands & Aswangs is a D&D sourcebook based on Filipino folklore. It includes new races, classes, spells, creatures, as well as an original adventure for 1st-level characters. I wrote many of the spells and creatures and I edited the adventure.


What a Lovely Adventure is an anthology of D&D one-shots centred on the theme of LGBT+ love. I wrote Sword-crossed Lovers, which is featured on the product's cover. 


The Map is not the Territory is a system agnostic anthology of dungeons, adventures, mini-games, and essays, all derived from variations of single map. I wrote In the Belly of the Beast, which is an adventure where the characters are swallowed by a giant fish-like alien. 


Here is a list of every tabletop project I've worked on, along with applicable press/promotional content. I was a writer or designer on all these projects, except where otherwise noted. All titles are listed in reverse chronological order. Titles in bold are projects that I led.


  • Dark Veil (Dark Veil Studios, TBD)

  • Uncaged: Goddesses (proofreader; TBD)

  • Gwirsong: The Written History of Foryll (line editor, proofreader; TBD)

  • DIESEL (sensitivity consultant, TBD)

  • Islands & Aswangs (TBD)

  • What a Lovely Adventure (DTRPG, TBD)

  • Scream about your OCs! (, TBD)​

  • The Map is not the Territory (DTRPG, October 2021)​