I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting people to the tools they need to understand themselves better and helping them to self-advocate in a world that is not always kind. 

Since 2014, I've been a community educator and have given speeches, organized conferences, moderated panels, facilitated workshops and participated in discussions across North America. 

My main focuses are gender, race, (a)sexuality, and how those identities intersect.

Below are some examples of past sessions. For a full list of sessions I've run, click here

Past Sessions

Asexuality 101

Presentation + Q&A, 90 minutes

This session was originally developed for Creating Change 2016.


This presentation introduces asexuality as a concept, the associated terminology, and common myths. We may discuss different types of attraction and relationships, and how the ace experience is different for people from a wide range of backgrounds. The second half of the session invites the audience to ask questions, be it for advice or for clarification.


Facilitated discussion, 90 minutes
This session was originally developed for the International Asexuality Conference 2014.


Three speakers share how their asexual identity relates to their status as ethnic minorities. Topics for discussion may include: racism, colonialism, personal cultural customs, sexual taboos, birth / chosen family, and gender expression. This panel discussion will include a Q&A, as well as the chance for the audience members to share their own experiences if they would like. 

The following sessions were originally developed for the Ace Toronto UnConference 2017

Diverse Relationships

Panel, 90 minutes

This panel explores the variety of ways that ace and/or arospec people understand and pursue relationships. What kinds of relationships are there? What are some of the challenges that ace and arospec people face when nevigating relationships? This panel includes panellists with experiences in a variety of different relationship styles: queerplatonic, romantic and otherwise.



White-Centrism, Racism & Colonialism in Ace Spaces

Panel, 90 minutes


This panel explores how legacies of racism and colonialism influence ace and/or arospec people’s experiences and identities. Panellists come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and share insights from personal experince and academic literature. 



Asexuality & Fandom

Facilitated discussion, 90 minutes

Despite asexuality gaining visibility and recognition as an orientation in the past decade, mainstream media often fails to include explicitly ace characters. This community discussion is loose in style and may cover topics such as how to find fellow aces in your fandom, how to start creating fan content, favourite fandoms and characters, ace headcanons and starting campaigns for canon ace material.