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As a model, I'm drawn to unique and fantastical concepts. Being both Chinese and genderqueer, I'm dedicated to promoting the visibility of LGBT models of colour with a range of body types whom the fashion industry often leaves behind. My rates start at $18 / hour and vary depending on the scope and requirements of the project. I am available for select TFP shoots.

To book me for a project, send me a message using my contact form


5'1" / 110 lbs
b 33
 / w 
28 / h 37

dress 2 / shoe 6.5 / b-cup
black eyes / light brown skin

shoulder-length blue hair


genres: art, cosplay, editorial, fashion, hair & makeup, life drawing, lingerie

themes: decadence, fantasy, gender variance, mythology, nature and the elements, outer space, sexuality, subversion, urban decay

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