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I'm an actual play stream performer and a voice actor. For my voice acting credits, click here


As a TTRPG player, my goal is always to delight the entire table and entertain your audience. I love writing original content for my games in the form of poetry, plays, and songs that I perform live. I have written and performed parodies of popular songs for one of my home games, and wrote an original five-act play in rhyming couplets for a different home game that we performed as a group. I'm raring to bring that energy and dedication to a new show.

I am in the process of developing a highlight reel; until that is completed, check out some clips of moments that showcase what I bring to the table below. There is a list of every show I have ever appeared on at the end.

To have me on your show, send me a message using my contact form.


Here is a list of every performance I have given that has been streamed or recorded. The show name is listed, followed by the channel name.


  • Heart Strain (forthcoming)

  • Stolen Iron, Huetopia (forthcoming)

  • Roads Uncharted S4 E1, E2 (Latherial, guest); S4 E7-Present (Trix Thelassan, main cast)




  • Heroes' Feast, Trouble with Tabletops 

  • Cup of Greed, Pod of Greed (Earl Dorian Gay)


I was a performer in IsFriday's oneshot game of Shore of Dreams. I played Ptemfuzhi (pronounced tem-FYEW-zhee), a drow artificer. This video shows the death of our rogue and the characters' reactions. 


I was a core cast member on the Roll for Dameage D&D 5e actual play livestream from 2020-2021. The following clips show me  introducing myself in character as Quæszyssti (pronounced "kai-zhiss-tee"), who is a yuan-ti bard, and then casting a vicious mockery spell at an NPC. Please note that the second clip includes profanity. Watch the first clip on Twitch here. Watch the second clip on Twitch here.


I was a player in one of Huetopia's BIPOC Vamp Day games, INGKIT. I played Rĕo (pronounced "ray-oh"), a vampire. This clip shows Rĕo suggesting that they throw a credit card payment terminal at a landlord who previously scoffed that they only take credit. My voice is a little distorted because I am wearing vampire fangs for the stream. Watch this clip on Twitch here.


I play Ashajontû (pronounced "ash-ah-yon-too"), a high elf bard, in a homebrew D&D 5e campaign. While the game isn't streamed, we record our sessions for posterity and I write entertaining songs and deliver amusing performances for the table. This audiogram is from a scene where my character is on trial for war crimes and he introduces countercharges for the real perpetrator by singing a song entitled "War Crimes" that is a parody of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance." I don't have any vocal training, but the table enjoyed the performance. Lyrics to the song can be found here. Please note that this clip includes profanity.


I participated in a holiday charity D&D 5e stream with Trouble with Tabletops in support of SickKids. I played Ashajontû (pronounced "ash-ah-yon-too") again. This clip shows me announcing a Song of Rest for the party. Watch this clip on Twitch here.


I participated in Pod of Greed's Cup of Greed Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. My character was User2Duel4School, a 40-something graduate of Duel Academy who came back to school to keep up with "all these newfangled cards." This is a clip of me playing the spell card Pot of Greed. Watch this clip on Twitch here

Voice Acting


As a fledgeling voice actor, I'm exploring the industry and finding my place in it. My natural speaking voice is mid-range and my natural accent is British (south of England).

To book me for a project, send me a message using my contact form

Below are the major voice roles I have performed so far.

An image of Cal from The Office Type. They short brown hair, large glasses, brown eyes and brown skin. They are smiling timidly in 3/4 profile. They wear a shirt with a graph paper design on it, are holding a camera, and wear dark green shorts that stop mid-thigh.



The Office Type is a dating sim created by Heavy Thought Studios and scheduled for an 2021 Steam release. 

The player takes the role of a lonely office intern whose stationery supplies come to life in the form of 24 dateable characters. With the narrative storytelling of a visual novel and unique puzzle mechanics, the game is a lighthearted office comedy. 

My character, Cal, represents the personality of the player's graphing calculator. Cal is the marketing photographer for her company's advertising campaigns. They are shy, but their curiosity sometimes pulls them out of their comfort zone, often to comedic effect. Cal likes to play new board games and loves cute fish.


Principal: Cal - The Office Type, Heavy Thought Studios (Forthcoming)

Supporting: Librallis Nightshade - Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, NeverEnding (Forthcoming) 

Principal: Jeanne D'Ys - The King in Yellow, Book 5: The Demoiselle d‘Ys, by Robert W. Chambers, Weird Tales Podcast (2021)

Principal: Alya Kadir - The Storm-forged Throne (2021)


Supporting: Schoolgirl - It's Hip to be SquareMultiplex 10 (2020)

Principal: Whisperer - Don't Wake the Night, Brujería at Werk (2019)

Principal: Preeteen Armitage Hux - In the Garden of the Sun (2018)

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